Hangman: The Beginning


Most of the classic games have a rich history and hangman is one of them. Hangman may be the original spelling game ever existed and continuous to be a popular game up to the current era. Discovered back in the Victorian times, the hangman game’s concept was based on the way the Victorian era executes a criminal. When criminals during that time are being punished for committing a heinous crime, they are usually hanged in the gallows and this execution is a public spectacle back then and this concept was incorporated into a spelling game thus became the now popular hangman game.

How to play it?

The original game is played by inserting letters from the alphabet into a series of blank spaces. When the player guesses the wrong letter, a part of a person that is hanged in the gallows is drawn by another player and when the whole picture of the hangman is drawn then the player losses his turn. In another version, the gallows is already drawn and what’s left are the rope and the person being hanged.

This has been the source of fun and excitement for a lot of individuals in the schools before and teachers have also encourage their student’s to play the game in their free time because it add vocabulary knowledge to the students.

The Online Version

In the dawn of new technology, the hangman game was also upgraded into an online version where the online community can enjoy playing it as well. The benefits of the online version of the hangman game are that you wouldn’t have to download it; instead you can just directly go to the webpage that offers the online hangman and play the game. Although the online version does not feature a multiplayer option, still the fun and learning you experience is the same as with having another player.