Tips on Solving Hangman Puzzles


We often have difficulties in solving problems from the hangman game and more often than not, we are frustrated because we cannot solve even one puzzle from the game. This is one of the reasons why we don’t improve in playing the hangman game. Quitting will not really help us improve ourselves in any way. However, do not be discourage if you often times fail in solving a hangman puzzle, remember that there are always solution to any type of problem and this includes the hangman puzzles.

Simple Solutions

The following are some simple steps in solving the hangman puzzle game and these are basic strategies which have been studied and tried by hangman enthusiast and they have confirmed that these tips are effective in solving any hangman puzzle.

  • Observe Letter Frequency – in any type of word, there are letters that usually appear in them and these are letters E and S. Guessing these letters first often illuminates a letter from the word being ask in the puzzle.
  • Vowels – this the most simple tip among others. Words cannot be created without a vowel so it is very practical option to guess the vowels first and foremost and you are sure to get the right letter in the rubric.
  • Best Possible Consonant – in narrowing your choices of letters, it is very helpful if you guess the vowel first and when you already have the vowel in the word then try to guess the best consonant for it. Letters T, R and S are the most common consonant letters in most words. These letters are usually followed or preceded by a vowel, so guessing these letters ahead will be very beneficial.
  • Use an online hangman solver – if all else fail, try the online hangman solver. It helps you searching the possible words or letters which you might have not thought of. This online help can give you an idea of other words which you have not think about and could be the answer to the current rubric that you are trying to solve.

These are the best tips that you can use in order to win or solve a hangman rubric and when you follow these tips, you are sure that you will be learning something out of it. So use these tips and never quit playing hangman.